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Arakan Liberation Party/Army


Armed Wing: Arakan Liberation Army (ALA)
Government Name: Rakhine State Liberation Party (RSLP)

ethnic armed org logo NCCT member (Under ANC)



Founded: April 9th, 1967 (First time), June 1st, 1974 (Second time)
Headquarters: India-Myanmar Border
Active Regions: Northern Rakhine State and Kayin State.
Size: About 100


  • U Khine Ray Khine (Chairman)
  • U Khine Tun Win (Vice-Chairman 1)
  • U Khine Soe Naing Aung (Vice-Chairman 2)
  • U Khine Soe Naing (General Secretary)
  • U Khine Aung Soe Than (Joint GS)

The Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) is advocating freedom and ethnic rights for Rakhine people in Myanmar. Its headquarters is based on the Indian border near Rakhine State. The ALP’s armed wing, the Arakan Liberation Army (ALA), has fought against the Myanmar army near the Indo-Myanmar and Thai-Myanmar border. ALP/ALA has 4 military camps: battalion no. 9 (Bangladesh border), Danyawaddy battalion and Arakan Ranger (India border), Yamarwaddy battalion (Karen state).

ALP Branch:

Maesot (Thailand), Dhaka (Bangladesh),
New Delhi and Guwahati (India), Malaysia branch and USA branch.

CEC members: 4th Conference elected (19-24 Nov 2014)

  • U Khine Ray Khine (Chairman)
  • U Khine Tun Win (deputy chairman 1)
  • U Khine Soe Naing Aung (deputy chairman 2)
  • U Khine Soe Naing (General Secretary)
  • U Khine Aung Soe Than (Joint GS)
  • U Khine Aung Zan Phyu (CEC)
  • U Khine Moe Chan (CEC)
  • U Khine Yan Min Soe (CEC)
  • U Khine Soe Mya (CEC)
  • U Khine Myo Chit (CC)
  • U Khine Ye Lin (CC)
  • Dr. Khine High Nilar Aung (CC reserve)
  • U Khine Min Soe (CC reserve)

The Arakan Liberation Party/Army (ALP/ALA) was reorganized for the second time and adhered to the policy ” The enemy weapons are our weapons’ ‘. The group signed a state-level ceasefire on April 5th, 2012 and was among the groups that signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) on October 15th, 2015 under U Thein Sein administration. The ALP/ALA participated in the Myanmar peace process along with 10 other ethnic armed groups that signed the NCA.

In 2019, fighting between the Arakan Army and the Tatmadaw (military) intensified throughout Rakhine State. The ALP expressed grave concern over the destruction of houses of tribes living in the state and especially the destruction of ancient cultural heritage. The group appealed to both sides to exercise extreme caution so that no innocent civilians are harmed by the war.

The ALP, which lost its headquarters in clashes with the Arakan Army(AA) near the India-Myanmar border in 2016 and 2017, wants to resolve the political crisis through political means.

The ALP strongly believes that the root cause of the armed conflict in Rakhine State is a political one and that the solution should be found only through the provisions of the NCA and not through military means.

Ceasefire & Peace Process

Ceasefire: 5 April 2012
Peace talk: State level
NCA Signed: 15 Oct 2015

Clash: N/A

C-in-C: Khine Ray Khine
Lt. Col. Khine Soe Naing
Maj. Khine Myo Win
Maj. Khine Bone Myint Zaw
(Yamarwaddy battalion commander)
Capt. Khine Nay Min (deputy commander of Yamarwaddy battalion)

*Daw Saw Mra Raza Lin was a
NCCT member

Official delegation team
Daw Saw Mra Razalin (UPDJC)
Armed wing: Arakan Liberation Army (ALA)
Government name: Rakhine State Liberation Party (RSLP)

Liaison offices
1. Kyauk Taw (Arakan State) 3/9/12
2. Paletwa (Chin State) – Pending

Alliances: –

Website: http://www.arakanalp.com/
Email: [email protected]
Phone:09260438424, 09425018154


 #  Date  Location  Militia rep  Govt Rep  Details
1 4-5/04/2012 Sittwe, Rakhine Deputy Chairman U Khaing Soe Naing Aung, and ALP Joint Secretary Khine Thukha Rakhine State Minister of Security and Border Affairs Colonel Htein Lin ceasefire
2 09/09/2013 Chiang Mai, Thailand ALP UPWC-Aung Min/ Khin Yee/MPC- 13 representatives Informal meeting
3 08/11/2013 Yangon-MPC ALP UPWC technical team Informal meeting
4 09/11/2013 Yangon-MPC ALP/ ABSDF UPWC- Aung Min Informal meeting
5 16/02/2014 Yangon ALP – Secretary General – Khine Thukha U Aung Min and MPC Informa meeting
6 18/07/2014 Naypyitaw ALP – Khine Soe Naing, Saw Mya Yar Zar Lin – Minister Khin Yee, Minister Aung Min Informa meetin


  1. ceasefire beginning April 6, 2012
  2. opening of liaison offices
  3. ALP/ALA allowed freedom of movement without arms
  4. Rakhine State Liberation Party (RSLP) members also allowed to move freely without arms.


Dec 31, 2014 – ANC released a statement on 230th Lost Sovereignty Day
Jun 26, 2014 – Two ALP cadres are under detention of the Government Army since 16 June 2014, said a statement
Feb 05, 2014 – ALP leader vice president Khine Son Naing Aung interview in Voice of Arakan
Dec 04, 2012 – ALP Statement on UN third committee resolution (Burmese)
Nov 26, 2012 – Statement of Arakan Liberation Party (Burmese)
Sep 27, 2012 – ALP statement on the Arakanese Public Seminar
Sep 20, 2012 – ALP statement on present illegal Bangali problems inside Arakan
Jun 14, 2012 – Our statement (ALP statement on the crisis in Arakan state)
Jun 10, 2012 – ALP statement on current infiltration and genocide by illegal immigrants
Jun 05, 2012 – ALP statement on Sittwe-Riot
Mar 10, 2012 – 2nd annual CC meeting statement
Jan 23, 2012 – Thank statement for peace trip
Dec 31, 2011 – ALP statement on 227th National Black Day


ကရင် အမျိုးသား အစည်းအရုံး
မြန်မာနိုင်ငံလုံးဆိုင်ရာကျောင်းသားများ ဒီမိုကရက်တစ်တပ်ဦး
ဒီမိုကရေစီ အကျိုးပြု ကရင်တပ်မတော်
ကချင်ပြည် လွတ်လပ်ရေးအဖွဲ့
ကရင်နီ အမျိုးသားတိုးတက်ရေးပါတီ
ကူကီး အမျိုးသားအစည်းအရုံး (မြန်မာပြည်)
မြန်မာအမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီမဟာမိတ်အဖွဲ့ (ကိုးကန့်တပ်ဖွဲ့)
အမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီ သွေးစည်းညီညွတ်ရေးတပ်မတော်
နာဂအမျိုးသား ဆိုရှယ်လစ်ကောင်စီ (ကပ်ပလန်)
ပအို့ဝ် အမျိုးသား လွတ်မြောက်ရေး အဖွဲ့
သျှမ်းပြည် ပြန်လည်ထူထောင်ရေးကောင်စီ (သျှမ်းပြည် တပ်မတော် – တောင်ပိုင်း)
သျှမ်းပြည်တိုးတက်ရေးပါတီ (သျှမ်းပြည်တပ်မတော် – မြောက်ပိုင်း)
‘၀’ ပြည် သွေးစည်းညီညွတ်ရေးတပ်မတော်