Travel restrictions on Ye-Dawei-Tha Yet Chaung road as resistance offensive set to escalate

Photo – Dawna Column

Dawna Column has announced that travel will only be allowed during designated hours on the section of the Union Highway No.8 connecting the southern part of Ye Township to Dawei and Tha Yet Chaung Townships as it plans to intensify their counter-offensive against military council forces.

The Dawna Column issued the notice on 31 March, stating that travel will only be allowed between 6am and 6pm.

The group also instructed that vehicles travelling on the designated road section during allowed hours must drive with their windows shut and fully cooperate with security checks.

The military council has been using civilian vehicles for troop movements and reinforcements while soldiers are disguised as civilians. Therefore, Sub-Military Region No.3 plans to step up military operations by launching a counter-offensive in the area, the announcement says.

The announcement warns that the Dawna Column and its allied forces will not take responsibility for any consequences from failing to comply with these travel restrictions.

The Dawna Column is working jointly with Mon allied resistance forces to control the area along Union Highway No.8.

Sent by Than Lwin Times.


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