Karenni IDPs do farming for ration amid danger

Photo – Karenni Humanitarian Team (KHT).

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from western parts of Demoso and Phruso Townships have to do farming despite life-threatening situations as they are likely to face food shortages, said aid workers.

Due to the prolonged displacement and a fewer number of donors, the IDPs are growing paddy amid landmine danger.

An official of the Karenni Humanitarian Team (KHT) said: “Despite the danger of landmines, the IDPs are struggling to solve food shortages by risking their lives. The number of donors has significantly declined compared to that in the last two years. Due to a relatively lower number of donors and a shortage of ration, the IDPs have to look for food and vegetables. Some IDPs have resumed their farming.”

The official of the KHT continued to say that a Moebye resident who returned home to grow rice was injured by a landmine in March because the military council troops had planted many landmines.

“Some IDPs return to Moebye to grow paddy. The IDPs lost their legs while farming. I heard that the incidents took place three week ago,” the official said.

Aid workers said that more than 100,000 people displaced by fighting after the coup are taking shelter in western part of Demoso.

“Due to transportation difficulties, only a handful of donors come to the IDP camp in the western part of Phruso,” said Maw Teresa from the IDP camp.

Phruso IDP camp has 34 households. Around half of them are solving food shortage problems by growing upland rice, Maw Teresa continued.

“Last year, some IDPs did farming. The paddy yield was low as some paddy plants died. This is enough for one or two months,” said Maw Teresa.

However, those who are unable to do their farming are facing a shortage of food, the IDPs said.

Amid the military council’s shelling and shootings, the IDPs from Phruso IDP camp go to their farms.

About five months ago, the heavy shell fired by No.14 Military Training School near Phruso landed and exploded in Doepayal village where the IDPs are taking shelter.

The heavy shelling hit and killed an 8-year-old displaced boy from Phruso, the IDPs said.

The Karenni Civil Society Network (KCSN) announced on 15 March that currently there are more than 280,000 IDPs in Karenni State.

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