Military destroys village-to-village road at the foot of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda


The military council destroyed the village-to-village road connecting Kinmonchaung village and Saungnainggyi village at the foot of Kyaiktiyo Pagoda in Kyaikto Township of Mon State, at around 7 pm on 19 May.

The military council destroyed the road using a backhoe, according to locals.

At around 5.30 pm the same day, the military council fired heavy shells into Saungnainggyi.

The military troop destroyed the road by digging six feet deep.

“Due to the destruction of roads, locals face transportation difficulties. Locals have to rely only on this road,” a local from Kyaikto said.

The military council troops are carrying out the destruction of the roads as they worry that the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) may carry out attacks, locals said.

Recent days, the military council has fired heavy shells into Saungnainggyi village in Kyaikto Township in addition to an offensive.

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