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Pa-Oh National Liberation Organization

ပအို့ဝ် အမျိုးသား လွတ်မြောက်ရေး အဖွဲ့

Armed Wing: Pa-Oh National Liberation Army




Founded: December 11th, 1949 (First time), December 7th – 9th 2009 (Second time)
Headquarters: Laybwer camp, Southern Shan State.
Active Regions: Shan State – Hsihseng, Hopong, Namsang, Langkho, Maukme.
Size: Over 400

The PNLO is the combined force of the Pa-O People’s Liberation Organization (PPLO) and the former PNLO. The PPLO was led by Col. Khun Okkar and formed on 18 June 1991 to continue the armed struggle after its mother organisation Pa-Oh National Organization (PNO)led by U Aung Kham Hti, signed a ceasefire with the government. The former PNLO was a SNPLO splinter group (Shan State Nationalities People’s Liberation Organization) led by Brig. Gen. Khun Ti Soung and formed on 10 June 2007.

The two groups were officially united at a Pa-O National Conference held on 7-9 Dec. 2009 that formed the newly structured PNLA and PNLO and drafted the PNLO constitution. Attendees included the Pa-Oh Youth Organization, Pa-Oh Labor Union and individuals such as U Khun Myint Tun (Thaton MP in 1990 election) and Khun Tin Swe (member of NCUBand PDC). Col. Khun Okker was elected as the chairman and Brig. Gen. Khun Ti Soungas vice-chairman. The conference chose the name PNLO to honor the former PNLO’s initiation and commitment to the “third revolution”.

The first PNLO congress held in Laybwer military camp on 16-20 May 2013 elected new central committee members in which Khun Myint Tun was appointed the new chairman. Previous chairmen Col. Khun Okker and Brig. Gen. Khun Ti Soung has since become a patron.

The PNLO’s current headquarters is located near the Thai-Myanmar border opposite Mae Hong Son, Thailand.

Central Committee Members:
Patrons: Col. Hkun Okker, Brig-Gen Khun Ti Saung, Khun Tet Lu
Chairman: Khun Thurein
Vice-Chairman: Khun Myint Tun
General Secretary: Khun Aung Min
Joint General Secretary (1): Khun Thomas
Joint General Secretary (2): Nang Nwe Nwe
Commander in Chief: Col. Khun Thurein
Chief of Staff: Lt. Col. Khun Aung Mann
CEC Member: Khun Tin Shwe Oo
CEC Member: Lt. Col. Khun Ohn Maung
CC Member: Khun Tun Tin
CC Member: Lt. Col. Khun Kyaw Htin
CC Member: Lt. Col. Khun Swe Hto
CC Member: Nang Phyu Pyar

The Pa-O National Liberation Organization (PLNO), which signed ceasefire agreements at the state and union levels between August 2012 and March 2013, was also among the ethnic armed groups that signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) on October 15th, 2015, under U Thein Sein government. The PLNO participated in the peace process through the Peace Process Steering Team (PPST) under the NCA.

On December 11th, 2020, the day PLNO was founded and the 71st Revolution Day against the feudal system, the group announced that it would participate in a series of political dialogues, including the 21st Century Panglong, to achieve national reconciliation, national unity and the establishment of a federal democratic union. The group also said it would seek to convene a Pa-O National Convention based on the principle of inclusiveness.

Clashes broke out between the PLNO and the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS/SSA) in late 2018 and early January 2019 because their areas of operation are contiguous. The fighting forced more than 500 locals in Langkho District to flee.

The PLNO also called on the people to exercise equal rights in the 2020 general election in the spirit of “one person, one vote.” With a view to the success of the peace process and the building of a democratic federal union after the 2020 elections, the group also welcomed the formation of the national unity government based on the principles of national reconciliation.

Ceasefire &Peace Process

13th ceasefire signing group.
Stage 1: State level ceasefire 25 Aug 2012
Stage 2: Union level ceasefire 23 Mar 2013
Stage 3: NCA signed 15 Oct 2015

Official delegation team

PNLO Peace-Making Group

State-level: 7 members

  1. Khun Myint Tun (Team leader)
  2. Col. Khun Thurein (Deputy Leader)
  3. Brig. Gen. Khun Ti Saung (Member)
  4. Maj. Khun Kyaw Htin (Member)
  5. Khun Ooh (Member)
  6. Khun Tun Tin (Member)
  7. Maj. Khun Swe Hto (Member)

Union level: 12 members

  1. Col. Hkun Okker – Team Leader
  2. Khun Myint Tun – Deputy Leader
  3. Col. Khun Thurein – Member
  4. Col. Aung Kyaw – Member
  5. Khun Ooh – Member
  6. Khun Tin Shwe Oo – Member

      PNLO Peace-Making Group

  1. Maj. Khun Swe Hto – Member
  2. Khun Htee – Member
  3. Khun Tun Tin – Member
  4. Khun Thomus – Member
  5. Nang Nwe Nwe – Member
  6. Nang Myint – Member

Membership: PPST, PPWT, UPJDC, JMC

Liaison offices

1. Taunggyi (26/01/2013)
2. Thaton (21/08/2013)
3. Maukmai (08/12/2013)
4. Hsi Hseng (To be opened soon)

Alliances: PPST, PPWT/CT, UPDJC, JMC member.

Email: [email protected]


 #  Date  Location  Armed Group Rep  Govt Rep  Details
1 23/12/2011 Bangkok, Thailand Khun Okkar Aung Min Informal peace meeting for both PNLO and UNFC leading to preliminary talks. PNLO Chairman Khun Okkar said that his group will observe talks involving other ethnic organization that are members of the UNFC and met with the government separately in order to study the issues being presented.
2 5/2/2012 Chiang Mai, Thailand Khun Myint Tun, Khun Thurein, Khun Tun Tin U Aung Min Preliminary meeting
Both sides plan to hold a formal state level meeting in the following month.
3 22/04/2012 By Phone Khun Okkar U Aung Min Preliminary meeting
Both sides plan to hold a formal state-level meeting in the following month.
4 27/06/2012 Bangkok, Thailand Khun Okkar, Khun Myint Tun U Aung Min Preliminary meeting
Agreement to sign a 7-point draft agreement.
Other PNLO delegates: Khun Myint Tun
Other govt delegates: Minister of Immigration and Population U Khin Yee
5 28/07/2012 Yangon PNLO peace delegation led by Khun Myint Tun and Col. Khun Thurein U Aung Min Preliminary meeting
Discussed ideas for the upcoming official meeting for State level ceasefire agreement. Meeting followed an exploratory trip by the PNLO peace delegation inside the country (Taunggyi, Thaton township).
6 25/08/2012 Taunggyi, Shan State PNLO peace delegation led by Khun Myint Tun and Col. Khun Thurein U Aung Min State Level ceasefire agreement signed
Other government delegates: union Ministers, representatives of the Lower house and Upper house, Shan state Chief Minister Sao Aung Myat and state government members, Commander of Eastern Command Maj. Gen. Soe Htut and senior military officers
7 23/03/2013 Myanmar Peace Center, Yangon Col Khun Okkar, U Khun Myint Tun, Col Khun Thurein and CEC members U Aung Min, Union Ministers U Khin Maung Soe, U Win Tun and U Ohn Myint, Shan State Chief Minister U Sao Aung Myat Union Level
The two sides reached an agreement in ten major sectors including relief, social affairs, anti-drug, and regional development, most important of all continued ceasefire. The two parties also agreed to continue political dialogue.
8 02/09/2013 Taunggyi RCSS/SSA, PNO, SNLO Shwe Mann, Thein Zaw, Gen. Aung Than Htut Informal meeting
Shan state government asked for 50% of Shan state revenue to spend in Shan state
9 20/09/2013 Taunggyi RCSS, SSPP, PNLO U Aung Min (UPWC) Informal meeting
U Aung Min met delegations from RCSS, SSPP and PNLO at the sidelines of the Shan-Kayah-Mon state Trust Building Conference between Sept 21-23, 2013.
10 5-6/09/2013 Naypyitaw PNLO delegation led by Khun Myint Tun and Khun Tin Shwe Oo U Aung Min, U Khin Yee, U Win Tun, U Soe Thein and U Than Htay Informal meeting
Both parties discussed the continued implementation of union level peace agreements, nationwide ceasefire, participating in national census.


  • State level ceasefire agreement signed on Aug 25, 2012 and Union level ceasefire agreement signed on March 23, 2013
  • Agreed to open liaison offices – Taunggyi, Thahton, Maukmai, and Hsi Hseng and Mauk Mai
  • Nationwide ceasefire will only be done through the NCCT
  • PNLO and Myanmar government will continue to hold informal meetings in the pursuit of peace


  • to maintain the location of PNLO/ PNLA troops
  • both sides agreed to be positioned at designated areas
  • both sides agreed not to take arms to other regions except in designated areas
  • discussions will take place regarding any violations of the signed in the code of conduct
  • to jointly manage food, clothing and shelter for troops


  • cooperate on agricultural projects


  • To cooperate in establishing Pa-Oh media *requested setting up an independent Pa-Oh news and media organization
  • cooperate on public security *22/07/2012: As per the invitation from U Aung Min, seven members from PNLO’s peace delegation visited Myanmar for ten days from July 22 -31 to hold several consultation meetings with individuals, the state Pa-Oh political parties, religious leaders, and Pa-Oh activists. They visited PNO patron U Aung Kham Hte, as well as the PNO chairman and other PNO senior leaders; held consultation meetings with Pa-Oh CBOs and CSOs at the PNO headquarters, and met with the abbot of Taung Kyaung Kyi monastery; traveled to Thaton Township in Mon state to hold several consultation meetings with the Pa-Oh community, senior Pa-Oh monks, and National League for Democracy Thaton (NLD-Thaton).


  • To cooperate on solving the drug problem Informal partnership with KNPP and ABSDF to combat drug addiction and rehabilitation.


Nippon Foundation donated 1,200 rice bags to PNLO (January 2013)


Dec 11, 2020 – PNLO released a statement regarding 71st anniversary of the Pa O people’s revolution against feudalism

Nov 7, 2020 – PNLO released a statement regarding 2020 General Election

Sep 27, 2020 – PNLO released a statement regarding 10th CEC meeting in second congress

May 19, 2020 – PNLO’s statement

Apr 6, 2020 – PNLO released a statement regarding Covid 19

Mar 8, 2020 – PNLO released a statement regarding 71st Anniversary of Pa-O National Day

Feb 2, 2020 – PNLO released a statement regarding 8th CEC meeting in second congress

Dec 10, 2019 – PNLO released a statement regarding 10th Anniversary of PNLO

Sep 11, 2019 – PNLO’s statement

Aug 13, 2019 – PNLO released a statement regarding 7th CEC meeting

May 21, 2019 – PNLO released a statement regarding NCA-S EAO meeting

May 9, 2019 – PNLO released a statement regarding 6th CEC meeting

Jan 31, 2019 – PNLO released a statement regarding 70th Karen Revolution Day

Dec 12, 2018 – PNLO released a 3/2018 statement

Dec 3, 2018 – PNLO released a 1/2018 statement

Nov 1, 2018 – PNLO released a statement regarding 30th Anniversary of ABSDF

Oct 7, 2018 – PNLO released a statement regarding 3 years anniversary of signing NCA event

Jan 15, 2018 – PNLO released a statement regarding 2nd Congress

Dec 11, 2017 – PNLO released a statement regarding 68th Pa Oh Revolution Day

May 20, 2017 – PNLO released a statement regarding 13th CEC meeting

Jun 18, 2016 – PNLO released a statement regarding 10th CEC meeting
Dec 11, 2014 – PNLO released a statement to commemorate the 65th Anti-Feudalism anniversary

Jan 12, 2014 – Message to 51st anniversary revolution day of T’ang (Palaung)

May 21, 2013 – Statement of PNLO 1st Congress

Mar 26, 2013 – National Day Message

Mar 23, 2013 – PNLO Union Level Agreement (Burmese)

Mar 23, 2013 – PNLO Union Level Agreement (English)

Jan 01, 2012 – PNLO 2012 New Year Statement

Jan 31, 2011 – Statement of PNLO Annual Meeting

Sep 21, 2010 – PNLO Statement on International Day of Peace

Feb 27, 2010 – PNLO Statement on Pa-Oh-National Day

Feb 27, 2010 – PNLO Honorable Message for Pa Oh National Day

** Updated on Jan 30, 2021


ကရင် အမျိုးသား အစည်းအရုံး
မြန်မာနိုင်ငံလုံးဆိုင်ရာကျောင်းသားများ ဒီမိုကရက်တစ်တပ်ဦး
ဒီမိုကရေစီ အကျိုးပြု ကရင်တပ်မတော်
ကချင်ပြည် လွတ်လပ်ရေးအဖွဲ့
ကရင်နီ အမျိုးသားတိုးတက်ရေးပါတီ
ကူကီး အမျိုးသားအစည်းအရုံး (မြန်မာပြည်)
မြန်မာအမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီမဟာမိတ်အဖွဲ့ (ကိုးကန့်တပ်ဖွဲ့)
အမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီ သွေးစည်းညီညွတ်ရေးတပ်မတော်
နာဂအမျိုးသား ဆိုရှယ်လစ်ကောင်စီ (ကပ်ပလန်)
ပအို့ဝ် အမျိုးသား လွတ်မြောက်ရေး အဖွဲ့
သျှမ်းပြည် ပြန်လည်ထူထောင်ရေးကောင်စီ (သျှမ်းပြည် တပ်မတော် – တောင်ပိုင်း)
သျှမ်းပြည်တိုးတက်ရေးပါတီ (သျှမ်းပြည်တပ်မတော် – မြောက်ပိုင်း)
‘၀’ ပြည် သွေးစည်းညီညွတ်ရေးတပ်မတော်