Around 1200 IDPs in urgent need of medicine and ration in Matupi

Caption - Some IDPs taking shelter in nearby forests.

Around 1,200 civilians from five villages including Chanpyan (a) and (b) villages, who were displaced by the military council’s heavy offensives, are in urgent need of medicine and rations as the military council’s battalion based in Matupi of Chin State are conducting heavy offensives.

Around 1,200 locals from Chanpyan (a), Chanpyan (b), Hatu, Ramting and Mwintone villages in Matupi Township are taking shelter in nearby forests. Most of IDPs have to flee only with the clothes on their backs, said an official of Matupi Township People’s Administration Body.

“There is military tension. They were doing their work as usual. There was no preparation. They had to flee only with the clothes on their backs when the military council conducted an offensive on 1 February. They are in urgent need of rations and medicine,” the official said.

He added that among the IDPs are many elderly people and children. The exact number has not yet been counted, and they also need assistance.

The IDPs from Chanpyan (a) and Hatu villages are taking shelter in a single place while the IDPs from Ramting village are taking shelter in the same place. Those from other villages are taking shelter in forests by building makeshift tents with tarpaulin sheets, till date 9 February.

The military council burned down 38 civilian houses, one rice barn and one library in Chanpyan (b) village which has nearly 70 households. But the military council did not burn and destroy other villages, said an official of Matupi People’s Administration Body.

On 1 February, around 200 junta soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion-304 which were temporarily stationed on Matupi-Paletwa road conducted an offensive against Chanpyan village along Matupi-Mindat road, said Ko Naing John, Spokesperson of CDF-Matupi.

A captain lost his two legs when the CDF-Matupi ambushed the military column near Chinpyan (b) village. One soldier lost a leg while another soldier got eye injuries. A total of six military council soldiers were seriously wounded.

On 2 February, the military council column which suffered heavy losses torched Chanpyan (b) village, according to CDF-Matupi.

Ko Naing John, Spokesperson of CDF-Matupi said: “The news sources linked to the military council said junta soldiers were ordered to go to Chanpyan. The military has a lot of strength but food. Due to a shortage of rations, they went to the villages to steal what they need. They returned to their camps after carrying all the rice.”

One military camp where the Tactical Operations Commander is stationed, LIB-304 and Infantry Battalion-104, are based in Mindat Township.

Currently, the military council has reinforced Matupi-based battalions, with each battalion having a strength of around 500-1000 soldiers.

Currently, the military council’s column killed domestic animals and stole rice in the village. Now, they have returned to their camps, an official of CDF-Matupi said.

However, due to the regional security, all the local people are still taking shelter in the current locations, and they have no way to go home.

The military council has reinforced its troops at its camps in Matupi. Due to the insufficient food supply by the military council, they would steal rice and domestic animals in other villages close to the camps like Chanpyone village. The CDF-Matupi has warned the public to remain vigilant.

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