27 March 2023 /

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Volunteer teachers recruited for public schools in CDF-controlled areas in Falam

The Chin National Organization (CNO) is recruiting volunteer teachers for the public schools in the Chinland Defense Force (CDF)-controlled territories in Falam Township of Chin State, an official of the education department under the CNO said.

Since January, 2022, the public schools have opened in the CDF-controlled territories in Falam Township. The CNO recruits volunteer teachers as the schools are in need of teachers.

“The main point is we have no resident teachers. The youths who have passed the matriculation exam and the graduates in the villages are leaving for other countries to find their jobs. That’s why there is a shortage of teachers,” an official of the CNO’s education department.

Under the leadership of the CNO, the public schools open in around 130 villages in Falam Township. The subjects for the KG to Grade-11 cover Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Chemistry, Biology and Chin ethnic literature.

There are over 540 teachers and over 8,500 students at around 130 schools. Due to the unbalanced ratio between teachers and students, at least 50 teachers are to be recruited, said an official of the Education Department under the CNO.

“It is difficult for the people to work as volunteers as we cannot provide sufficient cash assistance to them,” she added.

The CNO will arrange security, health and accommodation for volunteer teachers. It will provide cash assistance in some regions. Volunteer teachers are to work for at least one academic-year.

A teacher training course will be conducted for the volunteers who have passed matriculation exams and want to work as teachers.

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