Some schools in Mon-Karen Gyaing basin remain closed due to security concerns

Caption - Some IDPs at Gyaing River basin.

The government schools in Kawt Bein, Kawt Pauk and Kawt Pa Laing villages in Mon-Karen Gyaing basin region are still unable to open due to security concerns, said locals.

The region has become a conflict zone since late March. There is no safety there. The schools remain closed due to the absence of teachers and the lack of enrollment by parents, said Kawt Bein local.

“The government schools in Kawt Bein, Kawt Pauk and Kawt Pa Laing villages are unable to open. The main reason is security. Teachers still do not dare to come because this region is still a conflict zone. The government schools are not open yet because parents are not sure about enrolling,” said a local from Kawt Bein.

Students from these villages are learning Mon literature in their village monasteries, locals said.

There are around 30 government schools including the high schools along Mon-Karen Gyaing River basin. Currently, around half of them can open, a female teacher said.

“The schools in Kawt That, Kawt Swei and Ta Ra Nar have opened. However, the school attendance rate accounts for one third. The rest no longer attends the classes while some move to the schools in town and as well as to schools in Thailand. Last year, the high school received around 1500 students. However, the student population has dwindled to 500,” she said.

Security concerns are hindering the opening of Mon national schools in the region.

Around 20 junta soldiers stationed at the entrance and exit of the village are inspecting the locals who returned to the village every day.  At night, they are carrying out indiscriminate firing, locals said.

According to data from UNICEF Myanmar, 6 million children across the country are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, with approximately 4 million children being deprived of their right to education due to armed conflicts between 2021 and 2023.

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