“We must continue until the revolution succeeds. There were times when we were satisfied, but there were also times when our morale was low. But we will keep trying.” – Voices of hope and aspiration from KNDF Members on the group’s 3rd anniversary

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The Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), an armed resistance force that took up arms against the military junta troops in Karenni (Kayah) State after the 1 February 2021 military coup, marked its 3rd anniversary on 31 May 2024.

To mark this significant milestone, the Kantarawaddy Times has compiled the heartfelt hopes and aspirations shared by members currently serving in the KNDF.

Mi Htaw (Logistics Officer / KNDF Tactical Command 4)

It has been three years since the KNDF was founded. I want it to remain a force that is loved and respected by the people and that has only the good of the people. I wish that we will continue to fight, as I have joined this force, until this military dictatorship falls and a federal democratic union emerges. The KNDF has stood firm in these three years and this is thanks to the support of the people. We need the support of the people to continue like this. So please stay strong and continue to support us. We will stay together and fight until this revolution is successful.

Andrew (Deputy Company Commander / KNDF Battalion 7)

It has been three years since we started this revolution. So it has been quite long. When we started, we only had improvised firearms. But now we have gained a lot of firepower. Everyone can have a gun now. We have all kinds of weapons, big and small. That is really encouraging. In these three years, we, the KNDF, have made many sacrifices. And we will have to make even more sacrifices. We must continue until the revolution succeeds. There were times when we were satisfied, but there were also times when our morale was low. But we will keep trying. For us youths, our hopes are more or less the same.

In this revolutionary period, if you ask us why we are doing this revolution, we young people will all give the same answer. Because we despise this military dictatorship. Our time came and we had to do it it’s like our duty. We will continue this going forward. Since the beginning of this revolution, we have relied on the people. We have put our trust in the people. From the rice we eat to everything else, we rely on the people. We raise funds, and with the funds we buy weapons and ammunition. From the food rations to everything else, everything comes from the people. So we respect the people. I would like to urge the people to continue to support us. Please always stand with us with full understanding.

Pale Phaw (Deputy Office Head / KNDF Tactical Command 4)

It has been three years since we took up the fight against the military dictatorship. We have taken the path we have chosen, the path we have taken, and we have fought steadfastly to this day. We will continue to move forward, we will overthrow this military dictatorship together. In these three years, we have sacrificed a lot – in terms of personnel, finances and civilian lives. We expect that we will have to make many more sacrifices on the way to a federal democracy. We are very well prepared, whether there are advances or setbacks, mentally. We are one with the people. Only with the people can we continue this revolution and overthrow it. So I would like to say to the people – please stand with us, continue to support us and pray for us.

Michael (Office Head / KNDF Battalion 7)

The way I see it, the KNDF has progressed to a certain extent. Thanks to the efforts of the leaders, all the comrades and the support of the people, we have been able to stand firm to this day. Compared to the past, we have become a better force. That’s how I see it. I’ve no particular hopes. My hopes are the same as everyone else’s. We want this revolution to end as quickly as possible. We also just want to be with our families, that’s all. I’d like to say to the people: you have been patient and please continue to be patient, stay strong. Please continue to support us by contributing whatever you can from your side. That’s all I want to say.

Savin Rio (Member / KNDF Battalion 4)

Now that three years have passed, I would like to thank all the people who have surrounded and supported us from the very beginning, as well as all those who have contributed to the best of their ability from all sides. I would also like to thank all the comrades who have been with us from the beginning until this 3rd anniversary. As for the tasks we still have to accomplish, I would like to say that we will continue to do our best from our side. To the people: Let us fight together. This revolution is going to be over. So let us fight together.

Sent by Kantarawaddy Times.


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