Thousands displaced by junta bombings of Lungtak village in Tonzang


The military junta has bombed the village of Lungtak Tonzang Township, northern Chin State. Seven houses, including religious buildings, were damaged and thousands of residents from five villages were displaced, according to reports.

The junta carried out two airstrikes at around 9 p.m. on 11 May. The airstrikes destroyed two churches and five civilian homes, said Salai Mang Hre Lian, spokesman for the Chin Human Rights Organization.

“We have learned that there were at least two airstrikes. We have no details yet on the number of civilian casualties. The residents of the village have fled. Some neighboring villages of Lungtak have also fled their homes,” said Salai Mang Hre Lian.

The military council’s airstrikes come amid reports of clashes between allied forces led by the Chin National Army (CNA) and the Zomi Revolutionary Army-Eastern Command (ZRA-EC) in the area, according to Chin Human Rights Organization.

“We have heard of fighting in some villages in Tonzang Township, including Lungtak, between the CNA-led allied forces and other armed groups. It’s either the ZRA or the military council, we aren’t sure yet. But since there were bombings during the fighting, I think it’s the military council,” said Salai Man Hre Lian.

Currently, more than a thousand residents of Lungtak village and the five neighboring villages have been displaced due to the attacks.

According to local sources, the military has blocked the entrance points to Tonzang township and has also imposed restrictions around Cikha town.

Since early May, some residents near the police station in Tonzang town have fled to nearby areas due to reports of fighting in the town.

On 3 May, Tonzang All Christian Fellowship and town elders issued a statement calling on the armed groups not to engage in fighting in the towns and villages in the township, expressing grave concern for the lives and property of civilians at risk of being caught in the crossfire.

Armed groups active in Tonzang Township include the military junta’s troops, the ZRA-EC, the People’s Defense Force-Zoland, CDF – Tonzang, and the Thahdo Defense Force, according to reports.

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