Shelling kills some people travelling on forest roads after bridge collapse

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The military council’s shelling hit and killed the people travelling on forest roads after Kyoneeike bridge on Yangon-Mawlamyine road between Bilin and Thaton in Mon State was blown up, according to local sources.

Some passenger buses have to use forest roads and village-to-village roads after the collapse of bridge. The heavy shell fired by the military council hit and killed civilians when the road was blocked. The road is narrow, said a local.

“It is like a detour. The road was jammed with cars. A heavy shell landed on a Hiace when the road was blocked on 12 May. The shelling killed two men. People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) don’t allow the people to travel on these roads as fighting is taking place in the villages between Bilin and Thaton. Some people are travelling by risking their lives,” said the local.

Fighting erupted between the revolutionary forces and the military council between Bilin and Thaton after Kyoneeike bridge near Shweyaungpya village on the border between Bilin Township and Thaton Township on Yangon-Mawlamyine road, was blown up on the early morning of 11 May. As a result, the military council has been firing heavy shells at nearby villages.

Heavy shells and drone bombs usually land on village-to-village roads. Travellers who experienced the incidents and revolutionary forces have warned the people to avoid travelling unless there is an urgent matter.

Before the explosion of the bridge, the military council has been firing heavy shells at some villages in Thaton district without any ground fighting on 10 May, said an official of KNU’s Thaton District.

“Since 10 May, the military council has been firing heavy shells at the villages round the clock. Three civilians were wounded in Shweyaungpya. The exact information is not yet available. Every organization bears the responsibility to safeguard the lives and property of the people. The army shows no compassion or sympathy towards the people. The military council is firing heavy shells whether there is fighting or not,” said an official of the KNU.

On 11 May, the heavy shells fired by the military battalion based in Kazaing, landed and exploded in Ahwungyi village, killing a couple and wounding four others, said regional officials.

In June 2023, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and allied forces blew up Kyoneeik bridge, citing that it was on the military council’s supply route.

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