Locals flee military council’s bombardments in Yebyu

Caption - Some local residents fleeing the airstrikes.

Locals near Mahlwetaung have been displaced by the military council’s aerial bombardments following the joint revolutionary forces’ attack on Mahlwetaung checkpoint in Yebyu Township on the border of Mon State and Tanintharyi Region.

As the joint revolutionary forces attacked Mahlwetaung checkpoint at around noon on 29 March, there was an exchange of fire for 10 minutes. At around 2 pm, the military council bombarded Alesakhan, Kyeltalin and Yarphu villages near Mahlwetaung, said Yebyu locals.

A local from Yebyu said: “The military council started shooting at the villages after the bombardment of Mahlwetaung. They fired around 12 shots as far as Kyaungsharkwin. Villagers had to hide in fear.”

The military council’s aerial bombardments injured an elderly woman in Yarphu village and burned a motorbike repair shop in Kyauktalin village.

The situation returned to normal at around 6 pm on 29 March. However, locals from Alesakhan, Lawthaing, Kyauktalin and Yarphu villages continue to shelter in safer places, said locals.
Local sources said that the Malwetaung checkpoint was closed after the attack.

On 23 March, the Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF) and allied forces attacked the military camp in Minthar village in Yebyu Township and the checkpoint in Malwetaung.

On 19 March, the MSRF and allied forces including Dawna Column got territorial control of No.8 Union Road on Ye-Dawei road section.

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