Htigyaing IDPs face food shortages

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Locals from the downtown area of Htigyaing of Sagaing Region who have fled to the villages due to the ongoing fighting, are facing difficulties in getting food, according to the IDPs.

ÒThe IDPs are facing a shortage of food. I have to eat fried tomatoes every day,” said an IDP taking shelter on the other bank of Htigyaing.

Around 5,000 IDPs are taking shelter in Sanchitaung monastery. Abbots are providing them with food and shelter, according to the IDPs.

The IDPs are unable to do their work. They take refuge with the help and care of abbots, relatives and friends.

The IDPs said they have been displaced for more than three months. It is still not possible for them to return to the town due to security concern although fighting has calmed down.

“The report that the IDPs will be allowed to return home in the coming (Thingyan) water festival, is not true. Now even the people from Maungkone and Ouksone villages have been forced to move citing that fighting shall take place in around April. It is not easy to return home although it’s easier said than done. I want to go home,” said an IDP taking refuge in Sanchitaung monastery.

The town-capture battles have forced more than 10,000 locals from downtown Htigyaing to flee to Maungkone, Sankyitaung, Yayshin, Laythar, Aledaw, Paukkone, Kyatthayaychaung villages, Tagaung, Mandalay and Monywa.

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