Thousands displaced by bombardments in five villages of Yedashe


Thousands of locals from five villages in Yedashe Township in Taungoo District in Bago Region have fled to safer places, following the military council’s aerial bombardments without ground fighting, according to local sources.

On 26 March, the military council bombarded five villages such as Kyuntaw, Nakyat, Padaukkone and Sipaing villages in Yedashe Township with three jet fighters, displacing thousands of locals. Until now, they are unable to return home, said the persons helping the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

A man helping the IDPs said: “There were no fighting on that day and before that day. On that day, the people from five villages fled. Some displaced locals have returned home based on the situation. The number of IDPs has exceeded thousands as each village has a population of nearly 700 people.”

At present, the IDPs who are unable to return home due to the security condition have to bank on themselves for shelter and food, the man added.

“At present, we are not in a position to provide aid to them. They have to rely on themselves for food and shelter. We have to move to close relatives as there are no designated IDP camps.

One man got minor wounds in the aerial bombardment on five villages. The extent of the damage to the homes and further details have yet to be confirmed.

A local man said : “The military dropped bombs. Currently, the locals are still hiding in the forests.”

In February, Kanhla village in Thandaunggyi Special Region in Taungoo District was burned down by the military council. Many locals have lost their homes as almost the entire village has been burned to ashes. They are in need of help for rehabilitation, said the local people helping IDPs.

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