Fighting intensifies between junta and PDF in Pinlebu


Fierce fighting between the military council and a joint force of Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the People’s Defense Force (PDF) took place in Pinlebu Township in upper Sagaing Region on 21 and 22 February, according to the news sources from both sides.

The joint force of the KIA and the PDF are trying to recapture Pinlebu after the military council has seized control of Kawlin town, some locals said.

ÒThe PDFs moved to Chatthin and Pinlebu after the junta recaptured Kawlin. They (PDFs) have flocked to Pinlebu as the military council bombarded Chatthin. I think they plan to capture Pinlebu.Ó a local from Pinlebu said.

Fierce fighting is taking place there. The sounds of heavy shelling were heard as far as Banmauk, said a local resident near Banmauk.

“Yesterday and today, I heard the sounds of heavy shelling like thunder sounds. The army is carrying out aerial bombardments constantly. I think it is near the place which borders Banmauk,” the local resident said.

It is not easy to contact local news sources as the junta has cut off mobile and internet access in Pinlebu Township. According to the reports from the military council, revolutionary forces and media, the news that fighting is taking place is true. The military council is carrying out an air offensive there.

After the military coup, the anti-coup protests took place in many parts of the country. The military council’s violent crackdowns on peaceful protests resulted in the deaths of protestors. The protestors who were dissatisfied with it started making armed revolutions, taking up arms to attack the junta.

On the morning of 5 April 2021, the military council fired guns to disperse protesters in Pinlebu.

The armed revolution emerged as the protesters who were dissatisfied with the deaths of protestors, started attacking the police station with hunting rifles known as Tumi. Pinlebu was included on the list of the towns which earliest started the battles to capture the towns in the upper part of Sagaing Region.

The armed revolution in Pinlebu town spread to the surrounding areas, such as Banmauk, Indaw, Kawlin, Wuntho, Phaungpyin and Homalin.

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