Junta try to recapture two towns in Sagaing

Caption - Military council soldiers seen on the front line in Indaw. (old photo)

According to local residents, the military council is trying to recapture two towns on the Sagaing-Kachin border, which were captured by the joint forces of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and People’s Defense Force (PDF).

Around the end of 2023, the joint force seized control of Mawlu in Indaw Township and Shwe Pyi Aye in Homalin Township.

A member of Homalin PDF said: “The military council has been conducting an offensive to recapture Shwe Pyi Aye since January. But after the withdrawal from the town, they are now stationed in the Myintha village. Recently, the military council reinforced more than 60 soldiers. Currently, there are nearly 200 soldiers in Myintha. They have now arrived in the villages but have not yet penetrated Shwe Pyi Aye.”

On 22 November 2023, the joint forces took control of Shwe Pyi Aye town in Homalin Township.

The defense forces were forced to retreat as a large number of junta troops entered Shwe Pyi Aye town on 25 January this year.

The defense forces could recapture Shwe Pyi Aye for the second time, following the counter-attack on 4 February, according to Homalin PDF.

Currently, the military council is conducting an offensive to recapture Shwe Pyi Aye and carrying out military activities to enter the town through Khotaung, Malzali and Naunghsankyin villages.

Regarding the military council’s efforts to recapture Shwe Pyi Aye, a member of Homalin PDF said: “Shwe Pyi Aye town is very important to them (military council). It is also a strategic location for waterway. The town is accessible to Phaungpyin and Homalin. It is located between the two townships. It is uneasy for the military council to carry out overland logistics. The defense forces have controlled overland routes in Kawlin. The military council wants to use waterway for logistics as the defense forces have controlled the town.

Similarly, the military council is trying to regain control of Mawlu town in Indaw Township in upper Sagaing, which is controlled by the National Unity Government (NUG).

Regarding the military council’s reinforcement and military activities since around 10 February, an official of the Indaw Township People’s Defense Force said, “It’s possible that the military council is carrying out military activities in order to retake Mawlu. There were around 60 soldiers at the Nabar junction located about nine to ten miles from Mawlu. Now, there are 200 soldiers after the reinforcement in recent days. Fighting took place yesterday as the military council carried out military activities here.”

At present, there are nearly 200 soldiers at the Nabar junction, which is located nine miles from Mawlu, according to the local defense forces.

Mawlu town which is located on the Mandalay-Myitkyina road section has the route to supply troops and food to the military council camps in Kachin State.

Likewise, Shwe Pyi Aye town is located on the Saging-Kachin border and borders Hpakant Township and Mohnyin Township. It is a town with important routes for the military council.

On 6 November 2023, the defense forces captured Kawlin Township in Kawlin District, on the Sagaing-Kachin border. However, the defense forces retreated as the military council again went on the offensive in February 2024.

Currently, the military council, which has recaptured Kawlin, is also trying to recapture Mawlu and Shwe Pyi Aye, according to defense forces and local residents.

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