Thanphyuzayat resident arrested for allegedly supporting PDF


The military council arrested a 46-year-old Thanphyuzayat resident for allegedly supporting the People’s Defense Force (PDF) and has opened a case against him under the Anti-Terrorism Law, according to residents.

The military council soldiers arrested Ko Nan Myint Oo (aka) Ko Tayoke, at his home on Bo Ne Win street in Aung Zeya ward in Thanphyuzayat Township, a local resident said.

“His family said Ko Tayoke was arrested for funding the PDFs. Now he is being detained in the police station. A case has been opened against him under the Anti-Terrorism Law. Ko Nan Myint Oo (aka) Ko Tayoke runs a construction material shop.”

A person close to the police force said Ko Nan Myint Oo (aka) Ko Tayoke testified during the interrogation that he supported the PDF with Ks-80,000 in August 2022 and transferred Ks-20,000 to Pencilo in May 2023.

He also confessed that, he purchased 700 rounds of M-16 rifle worth Ks-420,000 through Myawaddy and transferred them to the PDF, in February 2023.

The military council alleged that Ko Nan Myint Oo (aka) Ko Tayoke purchased a River Brand air gun for Ks-480,000 and a Taiwan-made PIETRO BERETTE pistol for Thai baht 2500. He was found to be in illegal possession of them. He is being interrogated after the military council has filed the case against him under Sections 50 (j), 50 (i) and 52 (a) of the Anti-Terrorism Law.

In early February, the military council arrested at least 50 residents of Thanphyuzayat for allegedly supplying arms and food to the PDFs.

At least 20 of the Thanphyuzayat residents arrested by the military council have been charged under the sections of the Anti-Terrorism Law.

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