Three displaced children, three women including one pregnant woman shot dead in Shadaw

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Six displaced persons—three women including a pregnant woman and three children— were shot dead by the military council in Shadaw Township in Karenni (Kayah) State, eyewitnesses said.

On the evening of 4 February, the military council troops arrived at the place where the IDPs were taking shelter. Then seven people—one man, three women and three children— were taken hostage. Three women and three children were shot dead. Only a man managed to escape.

“They got arrested together with me. They were separately arrested. Among the detainees are a pregnant woman and her children, my eldest sister’s mother-in-law and her grandchildren. The total number of detainees including me are seven. I managed to escape. Six others died,” said the man who managed to escape.

The on-the-ground ground reporter who went to the incident at around 9 am on 5 February said: “Among those killed are children aged under five. Three adults were also killed. When I arrived there, one of the children was still alive. But the children got severe gunshot wounds on his back. The paramedic tried to save him. But his wounds were severe. He died from severe wounds there.”

On the morning of 5 February, the group dispersed and only one man escaped, said a resident of Shadaw who was close to the escapee.

The remaining victims were shot dead by junta soldiers under the order of the commander of Battalion-249.

“Seven people were abducted. The man whose hands were tied behind his back managed to escape. The commander of Battalion-249 ordered to shoot and kill three children and three women.
All the victims are the IDPs from Shadaw Township.

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