Kyainseikgyi locals face transportation difficulties


Locals from Kyainseikgyi Township said they are facing transportation difficulties due to the closure of the roads following the fighting in Chaung Hna Khwa in Kyaikmayaw Township of Mon State.

There was an intense fighting as the combined force of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and People’s Defense Force (PDF) attacked a checkpoint on the Chaung Hna Khwa bridge connecting Kyainseikgyi Township of Karen State and Mudon Township of Mon State and the police station in Chaung Hna Khwa village.

After the fighting, the military council closed Mudon- Chaung Hna Khwa-Kyainseikgyi road section, Mudon- Chaung Hna Khwa-Tagundaing road section and village-to-village road sections.

A Buddhist monk said: “A layman got a gunshot wound about 1 and a half inches deep in his arm. The wounded were not allowed to go to the town for operation as the gunshot wound was small. There is a practitioner from the New Mon State Party in our village. He is providing medical treatment to the wounded. The army allows those with big wounds to go. All the main and small roads are closed when we arrive at Kadar from Kyunthit.”

Mudon- Chaung Hna Khwa-Kyainseikgyi road section and Mudon- Chaung Hna Khwa-Tagundaing road section, mainly connect Kyarinseikgyi Township in Karen State and Mudon Township of Mon State, according to locals.

Locals from Htipawkalo, Taungpauk and Shwelain villages are facing difficulties in transportation and carrying ration, a local from Htipawkalo village from Kyainseikgyi Township said.

“There are many checkpoints on the road. The road is rough. It’s too far. So, it takes more time. Food, especially, a vehicle can carry five to six bags of rice. That’s why the prices have gone up,” the local continued.

Currently, Chaung Hna Khwa road remains closed. The people from our village have to use Phar Ta Lae road. Fighting is taking place every day after the combined force attacked Chaung Hna Khaw police outpost and Chaung Hna Khaw bridge checkpoint, according to locals.

The fighting displaced thousands of locals from more than ten villages such as Chaung Hna Khaw, Maltayo, Taungkalay, Kanarlo and Kyantaw. Some locals are trapped in the villages due to the closures of roads.

In the Chaung Hna Khwa fighting, the heavy shelling killed two children. It also wounded the civilians and destroyed houses, according to locals.

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