Intense fighting in Ale-Tagundaing displaces nearly 2,000 locals

Caption-Some IDPs from Ale-Tagundaing village-tract.

About 2,000 locals have fled to safer places as fighting intensifies between the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the military column advancing into Myohaung village in Ale Tagundaing village-tract in Kyarinseikgyi Township in Karen State on 12 September, according to locals.

Due to the military council’s airstrikes, locals from Ale small, Ale big and Ale Tagundaing villages in Ale-Tagundaing village-tract have fled for safety again.

An IDP said: “Fighting has erupted since 14 September. The situation was worse on 15 September. On the morning, the sounds of gun were heard. There are around 2,000 IDPs. Some locals have fled the villages. since the military column’s advance. More people have fled following the clash.”

Most of the displaced are taking shelter in monasteries in nearby villages while some people are taking refuge at the houses of their relatives, according to locals.

An another local said: “Some displaced people are taking shelter in nearby villages. Yesterday (14 September) it was raining. The IDPs face accommodation difficulties as the number of IDPs has increased.”

There are frequent clashes between the military council and the KNLA combined force in Ale-Tagundaing village-tract in the Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade-6 (Dupalaryar District).

The ongoing fighting has resulted in civilian casualties and the displacement of thousands of locals.  The military council frequently arrests and kills civilians, the IDPs said.

There was intense fighting between the military council force and the KNLA combined force in Ale-Tagundaing in late July, displacing almost all people from Naungday, Palain, Ale and Tagundaing villages.

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