Junta conducts fresh airstrikes in villages of Mone Township


On the morning of 14 September, the military council conducted fresh airstrikes in Nga Htway Soke village and nearby villages in Mone Township in Nyaunglebin District in Bago Region, the Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade-3 controlled territory, according to locals.

On 3 September, the military council’s airstrike on Myatye village and Nga Htway Soke village in Mone Township killed a local and wounded six others in Nga Htway Soke. It also destroyed many houses and forced locals to flee to safer places.

“Most of villages near Nga Htway Soke have fled to safer places since the first attack. There are no persons who return to the village due to the airstrikes and shelling. However, this morning, the people from Nga Htway Soke returned to the village to bring rice and edible oil back. The military council conducted airstrikes more than twice. I don’t know yet who was hurt in the airstrike. There may be casualties,” a local man from Mone said.

The military council has increased targeted airstrikes in the villages in Nyaunglebin District following the battle at Thitchaseik battle on 31 August. Residents said the military council conducts airstrikes without any battles.

“A military flight dropped bombs. I heard the sounds of machine guns. When I heard the sounds of flight, I warned my niece about it. I don’t know if they have reached a safe place. The attack happened just this morning. The number of casualties is still unknown,” a man who declined to be named said.

Locals said that they worry about the military council’s offensive as it is carrying out reinforcement along the road from Myatye village junction to Nga Htway Soke village these days.

In recent days, more than 10 heavy shells fired by the military council landed and exploded in Nga Htway Soke village, according to the ground news sources.

Due to the airstrikes and heavy shelling in the capture of the military council’s Thitchaseik camp by the combined force of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), locals from 26 nearby villages fled to safer places. The number of IDPs in Nyaunglebin District has exceeded 200,000, according to the statements by the KNU and Karen human rights organizations.

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