Six rockets hit and damage some houses in Lashio Township


Six rockets exploded at Shankone near AT bridge in Lashio Township in northern Shan State, damaging the government technical high school and some houses, according to locals.

At around 1 am on 22 May, eight rockets landed and six rockets exploded, a local said.

A local from Lashio said: “The explosion occurred at Shankone. Rockets were fired from the cemetery. There were no reports of casualties although the news about casualties was being circulated online.”

The rockets hit and damaged the government technical high school and three civilian houses, according to locals.

A facebook user named “Soe Min Lashio” posted that a security guard from the government technical high school was wounded. However, the Network Media Group (NMG) is unable to confirm it.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, locals said.

There were frequent explosions in Lashio. On 12 May, explosions also occurred at a KTV and Bar in Ward No. 5, locals said.

No.1 cavalry Battalion was adjacent to the government technical high school, according to locals.

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