26 February 2024 /

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SIF urges international community to stay away from the military’s election

The Strategic Initiative Forum (SIF) has called on the international community not to provide any assistance for the military council’s planned election as the election is not an answer to the current political problems.

Female leader Lway Poe Ngeal from the SPF said: “We cannot solve the country’s political problem by holding this election. Some international organizations always say elections are a means to solve political problems. So, we also agree to that fact. However, the election to be held by the military council is not like that. I want to say that international organizations should not help the military council hold the planned election if they respect and value the democratic system and democratic principles.”

“International organizations’ assistance for the election which faces public opposition would amount to insulting the political will of the public. For instance, India’s technical assistance for the election goes against the political will of the public. So I would like to call on international organizations not to extend a helping hand to the military council for an unofficial election if they really respect and value the public’s security, rights and genuine will.

The military held unprofitable and sham political dialogues with the Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs). The SIF calls on the international community to avoid providing assistance for the military council’s sham and illegitimate election and denounce it.

According to the statement issued by the SIF on January 16, the SIF’s stance and demand for sham election covers three objectives for all-inclusive people revolution—the abolishment of military dictatorship, the complete cancellation of the 2008 Constitution and building up a federal democratic union.

The SIF also urges the international organizations which stand firmly with the public on the federal democracy revolution path, to object to the sham election.

U Aung Moe Zaw, Spokesperson of the SIF and Chair of the Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS) said: “We believe that the international community will oppose it. However, our trust in our neighbouring countries, China, India, Thailand and some ASEAN countries is low. So, we reiterate it.”

The SIF is a focal point of the revolutionary forces and individuals who basically have the same vision, stance and methods in implementing the political goal of rooting out the dictatorship and building up a federal democratic union.

The SIF is composed of the General Strike Committee (GSC), the Karen National Union (KNU), the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP), the Women’s League of Burma (WLB), the DPNS, unnamed organizations and politicians.

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