5 February 2023 /

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Military council torches 12 villages in Depayin Township

Two military columns of around 180 junta soldiers torched 12 villages in Depayin Township till the second week of January, 2023, and civilian casualties were also reported, according to the statement by the Depayin Township Brothers Group.

Ko Phyo Gyi from Depayin Township Brothers Group said: “The military council burned down 34 houses in Intan village and 36 in Intaing. Then, Saingpyin and Magyisauk, Setpyarkyin, Boke, Intainglay and Intan villages were torched consecutively. Goneyoe, Wunyan and Chaungnar were also torched. Since early this month, up to 12 villages have been torched.”

The villages in Depayin Township were burned down by Light Infantry Battalion-364 and Battalion-701 based in Mawlike. The military columns are conducting offensive operations in Depayin and YeU Townships.

“Around 50 houses were burned down for the first time. Two more houses were burned down. A total of 243 houses in Phayahtwat village, 254 in Kyi village, 27 in Magyyiouk and 93 in Magyitauk. The military burned down 72 houses in Setpyarkyin village. According to the confirmed data, 85 houses were burned down in total. A total of 180 houses in Boke village, six each in Koneyoe and Wunyan villages and 11 in Chaungnar village were burned down,” Ko Phyo Gyi continues.

U Won Mya, 85 from Intainglay village was killed in the arson attack. U Tin Maung, 80 and Daw San Yin, 70 from Intan village were released. One civilian got a gunshot wound to his abdomen in Depayin due to the military council’s shootings.

Refugees are in need of rations and shelters, according to the persons helping the refugees.

A person helping the refugees in Depayin said: “The people who lost their houses in the arsons have no houses to live in. They return to their villages when the military council leaves the villages. The refugees have to build temporary tents. Some refugees are taking shelter at monasteries and schools.”

Till the second week of January, 2023 since December, 2022, the military council burned down 3,511 civilian houses, 24 shops, three rice mills and five monasteries in 37 villages and two wards in Saingpyin in Depayin Township, according to the statement released by Depayin Brothers Force on January 17.

According to the figures released by the Data for Myanmar on January 15, till December 31, 2022, the military council and its subordinate organizations burned down 48,463 civilian houses—36,667 in Sagaing Region, 8,575 in Magway Region, 1,475 in Chin State and 1,746 in other regions and states.

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