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25 junta soldiers killed in skirmishes near Hakha: CNF

October 20, 2022

The Chin National Front (CNF) announced on October 19 that clashes occurred between military council troops and joint CNF forces between Hakha and Thantlang, killing at least 25 junta soldiers.

There had been fighting between junta troops and combined forces of the Chin National Army (CNA) and the Chinland Defense Force (CDF) near Hakha and Thida village, including downtown Hakha, since October 13 until the previous day, the CNF said.

In addition, the combined ethnic forces cornered and attacked about 40 military council soldiers arriving from Thantlang. The junta suffered heavy casualties as a result and called for air support.

During the clashes, the Chin joint defense forces managed to take out at least 25 regime soldiers and left at least 20 wounded, CNF said.

On the resistance side, three CNA members and one member of CDF -Hakha laid down their lives for the country and the people, while one member was seriously injured.

The joint Chinese defense forces that fought in the clashes near Hakha and Thantlang were reinforced by CNA, CJDC Special Force, CDF -Thantlang, CDF -Zophei, CDF -Lautu, CDF -Mara and CDF -Hakha.

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