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What difficulties did the Karenni people face within one year of the coup?

February 2nd, 2022

Within one year after the coup on February 1st, 2021, the Karenni State became a battle ground. The following are the excerpts from the voices of the public and the leaders from all strata about the plights of the Karenni people who are revolutionizing the military dictatorship by different means.

Khu Daniel, Secretary-1 of the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP)

In the KNPP’s point of view, the situation within one year of the coup is said to be the worst. Many people faced arrests, killings and tortures. Throughout the revolution, it is the worst year as the villages are damaged and the people flee to safer places. I sympathize with the public.

As it is a public revolution, every body may face the plights under this circumstance. It is happening not only in Karenni State but also in the whole country. But the Karenni State faces the worst situation. I would like to say that there will be intense fighting as long as the current political crisis cannot be solved and the military council deploys more troops. So it relies largely on the military council. I can just say that we need to be patient as long as the situation is not good. We can think about the ways of how to help the Intenally Displaced Persons (IDPs). We cannot think about it too much. But I would like to call on the people to help each other.

Maw Moe Myar, elected lower house candidate for 2020 Elections

It has turned one year. I respect and am proud of the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) and the Karenni Nationalities Defese Forces (KNDF) which are fighting for the overthrow of the dictatorship within one year of the coup. First of all, I would like to say that we recognize their efforts. I also recognize, respect and honour youths and heroes who sacrificed their lives in the fighting. Many people on all fronts have to sacrifice their lives. I feel sympathy for all imprisoned politicians, youths and political leaders and sorry for them. I pray for the release of detainees on the one-year anniversary of the coup. The military staged the coup in the whole country but not alone in Karenni State. But Karenni State alone defies the coup. Although there are a few armed resistances in Magway, Chin and Magway, other ethnic areas see no resistance. At present, the whole country is required to reach our desired destination. The same point is that building up a genuine federal union calls for all-out efforts and cooperation. We must step up our revolution in 2022. We all need to put more efforts in our revolution. Our revolution forces need to continue our resistance at a time when the military is constantly carrying out offensive operations.

In-charge of the KNDF’s Information Department

It has turned one year. The KNDF has got the upper hand in the fighting with the military council. Although it is difficult to say how the KNDF gets the upper hand, the administrative mechanism of the army cannot operate well and there are international pressures within one year. It can be said that the military faces hinderances on the one-year anniversary of the coup. In particular, the public needs to make continued cooperation in this revolution. In particular, those who are related to the public firmly stand against the military coup.

A person who helps the IDPs

It can be said that none of the military council’s mechanisms from health, education to the administration can operate. Looking at it, the military council amounts to wasting the time of Myanmar citizens. Children cannot pursue their education. Many people are unemployed. Many people died. The military council should return to its status quo. On the other hand, the PDFs who want to walk on the democratic path should be lenient towards the public in the fighting. The government which is working on the democratic path should pay more attention to it. Paying lip services alone is not enough. If the government needs to put more effort into organizing the people practically, this revolution will achieve success. I expect it. I believe it.

A Karenni youth

The coup has turned one year. Our youths and people faced difficulties within one year. Shortly after the coup, we took to the streets to oppose it. Then we turned to armed struggle after the protests in Karenni State. Now half of the populations in Karenni State are the IDPs. During this period, some people lost their houses while some others had to sacrifice their lives. Hundreds of houses in Karenni State were burnt down. As being a youth, I have ambition and goals. Every youth has such desires. Our plans have disappeared within one year of the coup. The youths have a habit of living freely and happily. Due to the coup, we cannot live happily or freely. This situation will be restored only when our revolution prevails. So this revolution is in the hands of our youths. Our future is in the hands of our youths. We need to continue to play our parts to ensure that the revolution prevails. No one can say exactly when the revolution will come to an end. But we continue to participate in this revolution. We need to cooperate in the revolution as much as we can.

An official of the KNDF- B-14

In my view, the current situation occurs as the people cannot accept the coup. It is not in a position to make coordination. At present, those who are engaging in the revolution have a feeling in their minds that they would continue to fight until the public’s power is restored. They will continue to fight until the power is restored.

CDM teacher

It has been one year since I joined the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) since the coup. I didn’t get a salary for 10 months after the release of the dismissal letter. We faced difficulties as both my husband and I joined the CDM. We want to end this revolution as quickly as possible. The CDM staff who are on the list of those filed under Section 505 are taking shelter as the refugees. They are in trouble. They are firmly standing till the end. Each and every person needs to play their parts for the success of revolution in a short period of time.

Sent by Maw Oo Myar (Kantarawaddy Times).

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