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Military launches airstrikes in northern Shan State

December 14th, 2021

Around 3 am on December 13th, the military started airstrikes in Phaunghsaing in Monekoe Sub-Township in Muse District in northern Shan State, according to locals.

A local said: “This morning, the military council carried out airstrikes in Banmway, Manyan, Phaunghsaing and Lashut villages. Fighting has intensified between the military council and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA).”

Banmway and Manyan villages are located on the same massif. Two villages are within 10-minute walking radius. The junta’s troops are stationed in Manyan village while the MNDAA-Kokang troops are stationed in Banmway village.

A local who declined to be named said: “The situation of villagers is still unknown. The MNDAA-Kokang told the villagers from Banmyay village to move to other places. The people in Manyan village could not be informed. The people cannot go anywhere and have to hide their houses,”

Since around 3 am on December 3rd, fighting erupted in Lashut, Manyan and Banmway villages. The sounds of incessant gunshot firing were heard in the south of Banngu, at around 8 am, according to locals.

The MNDAA-Kokang recently issued a statement that the military council started offensive operations in the MNDAA-controlled area in Monekoe Township, on December 13th.

Fighting between two groups is still intensifying. As around 40 military vehicles are heading from Muse to Monekoe to increase its deployments, fighting may become more intense in Monekoe.

Since early July, 2021, fighting between the military council and the MNDAA-Kokang has resumed there.

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