Non-UNFC members

Other UWSA, NDAA-ESS, RCSS/SSA, DKBA-5, KPC, AA, ABSDF and NSCN-K are not members of the UNFC, but generally follow the same guiding principles: ethnic rights and federalism. RCSS/SSA, DKBA-5, KPC along with the KNLP, KNPLF and non-BGF faction of the MNDAA are observers of the UNFC. However an important issue raised by individual militia groups about the UNFC is that it works too slowly and is not as effective in achieving its goals as they would like.

UWSA, NDAA, RCSS/SSA didn’t join the UNFC as official members, which they see as too Western oriented. The three groups have good relations with each other and maintain regular contact.

UWSA already has a self-administered zone as stipulated by the 2008 Constitution which consists of 6 townships in Shan state: Hopang, Mongmao, Pangwaing (Pangwai), Namphan (Nahpan), Metman (Markmang) and Panghsang (Pangkham). Its official name was announced by decree on 20 August 2010. The division is set to be self-administered by the Wa people, but is administered by the UWSA aka the official Wa Special Region 2 of Shan State.

DKBA-5 and KPC maintain close relationships with their former mother organisation KNU and generally follow its leadership.# However, they have not joined the UNFC because they do not agree with all their principles and prefer to negotiate with the government on their own terms.

ABSDF and AA are also unofficially following UNFC policy.


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