27 March 2023 /

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Regime persuades adults to get intelligence training in Arakan’s Thandwe

The military council is reportedly persuading people over the age of 18, including women, to undergo intelligence training in Thandwe Township, Arakan State.

According to sources close to the regime, the 55th Light Infantry Battalion based in Ngapali has begun persuading men and women over the age of 18 who have completed secondary education to undergo intelligence training, assuring them of a salary upon completion.

“They say they will be paid once they complete the training. They accept people with a minimum education level from 8th grade,” he said.

A Thandwe resident pointed out that young people have a lot to lose if they fall for the military council’s tricks without thinking about it at a time when life is difficult due to economic conditions.

“It is dangerous when young people who don’t have jobs fall for it without thinking carefully. As for them, they will do it depending on their needs,” he said.

Narinjara News reached out to Arakan State Security and Border Affairs Minister Col. Kyaw Thura for comment on the matter, but did not receive a response. Therefore, the news agency could not independently verify the news.

According to locals, the junta is currently gathering information on those associated with the United League of Arakan/Arakan Army (ULA /AA), their whereabouts and supply routes.

A veteran Arakanese politician U Pe Than said that long-term peace cannot be achieved due to certain actions of the military council, although there is a ceasefire between the two sides and trust should be built.

After the informal ceasefire, the military regime has warned people in areas where the ethnic army has weak dominance not to contact and support the AA and asked them to report crimes only to the military council-appointed administrators.

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