24 March 2023 /

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Arakan State stands third on the list of nationwide airstrikes

Arakan State stands third on the list of nationwide airstrikes following the coup in Myanmar, according to the research paper released by the Burma News International (BNI)-Myanmar Peace Monitor (MPM) on January 31.

From 1 February, 2021 to 25 January, 2023, the military council conducted airstrikes against villages, the People’s Defense Force (PDF)-active areas and the Ethnic Armed Organizations (EROs)-controlled areas for 258 days, the BNI-Myanmar Peace Monitor.

“According to our record, Myawaddy Township in Karen State topped the list of airstrikes with 27 days, followed by Hpapun Township with 24 days and Maungdaw Township in Arakan State with 11 days,” an official of the BNI-Myanmar Peace Monitor said.

The number of airstrikes may be higher than that as the BNI records airstrikes in townships by days, he added.

According to the report, the military council conducted at least three to five airstrikes per day.
The military council conducted targeted airstrikes on villages, schools and refugee camps mostly. The second targeted airstrikes are on the PDF/Local Defense Force (LDF)-active areas and frontline areas, the report says.

The Arakan Army (AA) captured the military council’s camps in the northern part of Maungdaw near the Myanmar-Bangladesh border when fighting resumed in Arakan State in 2022.

In response, the military council carried out airstrikes in nearby areas.

Sent by Aung Htain (DMG)

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