24 March 2023 /

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Launglon PDF warns non-CDM staff to resign within one week

LaungLon People’s Defense Force (LLPDF) issued a final warning letter on 27 January, calling on military-appointed non- Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) staff from Launglon Township in Tanintharyi Region to resign within one week.

Non-CDM civil servants are the major pillars who help support the existence of the military council. The public are facing various difficulties, according to the statement.

The LLPDF has warned non-CDM staff to resign no later than 3 February. They shall suffer the evil consequences of it if they fail to abide by the last warning.

This is the last warning. Later, sterner actions shall be taken against non-CDM staff, the information officer of the LLPDF told the Than Lwin Times.

Education department tops the list of CDM in Launglon Township. More than 1,000 civil servants have joined the CDM in the township.

Hundreds of thousands of civil servants have joined the CDM nationwide, defying the military coup. The military council is using every possible means of oppression against CDM staff.

Sent by Than Lwin Times

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