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Paung Sie Facility

Formed : April 2014 with funding from the UK

The Peace Support Fund is designed to provide rapid financial support to demand-driven initiatives that contribute directly to the Myanmar Peace Process or to a reduction in inter-communal violence in Myanmar.

Form 14 July 2017, Peace Support Fund repleaced with the ‘Paung Sie Facility’ ~ which in Myanmar means ‘living and working together in harmony’.

Per Annum             – US$ 6m
Total Committed     – US$22.3m+
Direct Beneficiaries – 60,000+
Organisation           – 260+
Project Funded        – 76
Reach                    – 14 Regions and States


psf mapYangon Office

Email: [email protected]

Address: No. 135, A1, Than Lwin Road, Kamaryut Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Phone: +95 (0)1 524 849




Elizabeth Armstrong
Director, Peace Support Fund
[email protected]
+95 (0) 9254 395 656

Naw Tin Thet San
Program Officer
[email protected]
+95 (0) 9250 931 660

Myo Hein Htut
Program Officer
[email protected]
+95 (0) 9540 7978




The goal of the PSF is to enhance social cohesion in Myanmar by supporting locally driven, catallytic initiatives and ideas.

A cohesive society is one which “works towards the wellbeing of all, creates a sense of belonging, promotes trust, and offers everyone the opportunity to prosper and advance peacefully”.

​The PSF will fund activities and projects with different methodologies, but focused primarily on seeking to directly contribute to the enhancement of social cohesion or inter-communal harmony in Myanmar communities. Projects could, for instance, be focused on strengthening trust, confidence and communications among and between different communities and groups or sectors within communities, or identifying and responding to emerging areas of need or building capacity of communities to improve and transform relationships to enhance social cohesion.


Focus – What We Fund

The PSF provides funding to demand-driven, small-scale and tailored initiatives which contribute to social cohesion. 

Funded projects range in size, duration, modality and focus, but a preference is given to small-scale, catalytic initiatives. We invite proposals from a range of organisations, local, national and international, but especially encourage national initiatives and organisations.

The PSF can fund projects, events, activities, training, and analysis which fall within the Criteria.

We also provide ‘Funding +‘, needs-based organizational capability enhancement for partners in addition to grants.
The PSF is currently accepting applications for initiatives which will be completed by September 2018.

If you are unsure, please contact us to make an inquiry.


History: ‘Peace Support Fund’ to ‘Paung Sie Facility’

The Peace Support Fund was established in early 2014​ and has in the past provided funding under two pillars, peace process and inter-communal harmony, since early 2015, the PSF has been pivoting its funding to the latter pillar and will now focus on supporting projects that contribute to inter-communal harmony and social cohesion. To mark this change, we have changed our name to Paung Sie Facility.

If you are seeking funding that relates to the core elements of the Myanmar peace process, go to the Joint Peace Fund

 provide fun


sweden aid


The PSF established in March 2014, receives funding from the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Government of Sweden. 

Total funding made available through the PSF is currently USD 6 million per annum with disbursements made on a rolling basis, assessed against agreed criteria. As a multi-donor fund, the Peace Support Fund has been designed and structured to accommodate further donors should there be the interest or requirement.

The PSF works closely with other donors in Myanmar to ensure there is strong coordination between the activities and initiatives funded and those already in place on the ground and also co-finances projects with a range of donors and partners. 



The PSF has a full-time management team in Yangon. We routinely visit states and regions.  We are here to assist with enquiries, the application process, and the effective implementation of projects.  You will find all our details on the contact page. Please get in touch. We welcome your inquiries.

NIS Foundation (NIS) provides administrative support to the MT. NIS is a Norwegian-registered, non-profit foundation engaged in stabilisation and reconciliation initiatives in conflict and post-conflict areas. NIS’ primary areas of intervention are institutional development, public service delivery, and conflict resolution.

Paung Sie Facility

ကရင် အမျိုးသား အစည်းအရုံး
မြန်မာနိုင်ငံလုံးဆိုင်ရာကျောင်းသားများ ဒီမိုကရက်တစ်တပ်ဦး
ဒီမိုကရေစီ အကျိုးပြု ကရင်တပ်မတော်
ကချင်ပြည် လွတ်လပ်ရေးအဖွဲ့
ကရင်နီ အမျိုးသားတိုးတက်ရေးပါတီ
ကူကီး အမျိုးသားအစည်းအရုံး (မြန်မာပြည်)
မြန်မာအမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီမဟာမိတ်အဖွဲ့ (ကိုးကန့်တပ်ဖွဲ့)
အမျိုးသားဒီမိုကရေစီ သွေးစည်းညီညွတ်ရေးတပ်မတော်
နာဂအမျိုးသား ဆိုရှယ်လစ်ကောင်စီ (ကပ်ပလန်)
ပအို့ဝ် အမျိုးသား လွတ်မြောက်ရေး အဖွဲ့
သျှမ်းပြည် ပြန်လည်ထူထောင်ရေးကောင်စီ (သျှမ်းပြည် တပ်မတော် – တောင်ပိုင်း)
သျှမ်းပြည်တိုးတက်ရေးပါတီ (သျှမ်းပြည်တပ်မတော် – မြောက်ပိုင်း)
‘၀’ ပြည် သွေးစည်းညီညွတ်ရေးတပ်မတော်