Three family members killed, two children injured in Yebyu fighting

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Three family members were killed and two children injured in clashes between military junta troops and joint resistance forces in Rar Hpu Ywar Thit village in Yebyu Township in Tanintharyi Region, according to local sources.

The fierce fighting between the two sides broke out after an army column of about 200 soldiers entered the village on the morning of 7 June, according to locals.

During the fighting, an artillery shell fired by junta troops hit U Aung Aung’s house, killing him, his wife Daw Lah Wah Htoo and their months-old daughter who were inside the house, according to locals.

The artillery strike also destroyed U Aung Aung’s house and two teenagers who lived nearby were also wounded by shrapnel, locals said.

The clashes were reported to have died down at around 4pm on 7 June. The junta troops reportedly occupied the church in Rar Hpu Ywar Thit village and the monastery in Mile 60 village until the morning of 8 June.

The fighting forced more than a thousand residents of Rar Hpu, Mile 60, Ma Yan Chaung and 62 Mile villages to flee to safety.

Also on 15 May, a house in Zar Di village in Yebyu Township burned down when artillery fire from the junta hit a house, killing two siblings.

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