Heavy shelling kills five, wounds 18 in Arakan State


Heavy shells fired by the military council killed five locals and wounded 18 others in Minbya and Ann Townships in Arakan State, on 14 November, according to locals.

Among those killed in the shelling are: four people from Singyipyin (Muslim village) in Minbya Township, one from Thetkandaunt village in Kazukai village-tract in Ann Township while those who wounded in the shelling are: nine from Singyipyin (Muslim village) in Minbya Township, two from Bupin village, one from Kyunnyo village and five from Alegyun village in Darletchaung village-tract in Ann Township.

At around 10 pm on 14 November, three heavy shells fired by the military council stationed on Kyeintaung pagoda hill in Minbya Township landed and exploded in the village, killing four people and wounding nine others in Singyipyin (Muslim) village, locals said.

“We are crouching under the house. Heavy weapons killed and wounded the people. Heavy shells hit and killed two people on the spot,” a family member of victim Swe Yaw Hu San from Singyipyin (Muslim) village said.

At night on 14 November, the heavy shell fired by the military council from Kyeintaung pagoda hill wounded Ma Mi Mi, 25 from Kyunnyo village in Minbya Township.

In addition, heavy shelling wounded Ma Mae Ma Chay, 24 and her husband from Bupin village in Minbya Township, according to the family member of the victim.

Ma Mae Ma Chay is sent to Minbya hospital as she is in critical condition, Ko Maung Aye Hlaing, a family member said.

“Our family had to transport the victim to the hospital as we could not ask for the help. She is still unconscious. Her husband is not in critical condition due to minor wounds,” Ko Maung Aye Hlaing said.

At night on 14 November, heavy shells fired by Light Infantry Battalion-371, 372 and 373 stationed in Tawhein mountain in Kazukai village-tract killed and wounded the civilians in Kazukai and Darletchaung village-tracts in Ann Township, locals said.

“They (victims) are sleeping at their homes. There are no clashes here. The military council is firing heavy shells all night,” a local from Darletchaung village-tract said.

The wounded locals are receiving treatment at Minbya Hospital. The wounded locals from Alegyun village in Ann Township are receiving treatment at West village clinic in Darletchaung village-tract.

A town-elder from Singyipyin (Muslim) village said: ÒThe people died at their homes. I would like to call on the army not to fire small arms and heavy shells into civilian targets as we have no fault.”

In Arakan State, the military council and the Arakan Army (AA) have been fighting since 13 November, and the number of civilian casualties is increasing due to the military council’s indiscriminate shootings and shelling.

According to the list compiled, heavy shelling and shootings killed nine civilians and wounded 37 others in Maungdaw, Kyauktaw, MraukU, Minbya and Ann Townships in Arakan State from 13 to 15 November.

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