Peace Related Activities - (November 2017)

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Date for convening UPC meet within a few days

Gen Yawd Serk cites need for Shan national dialogues to move forward

18th Secretariat committee meeting of UPDJC take place in Nay Pyi Taw

UWSA sends representatives to Shan New Year’s ceremony at RCSS headquarters

Tatmadaw and RCSS clash, violating terms of the nationwide ceasefire agreement

Tatmadaw and Arakan Army Clash in Buthidaung township

AA reports clash with Tatmadaw near ButhidaungNCA signatories’ office opened in Yangon

NCA signatories float February 2018 for third Panglong summit

Mon National Party announces April 2018 conference

Government peace envoy to Wa, Mongla proves fruitless at selling NCA

Two Mon parties agree to continue talks about merging

UNFC and government peace negotiators 'near finish line' on eight-point demands

UNFC says only needs nod from organizations to sign NCA

Tatmadaw failed to show up three of four times in RCSS soldiers’ trial

NMSP demands return of Tatmadaw-seized highway checkpoints

Gov't peace negotiators to meet with Wa, Mongla: peace advocate

Government and DPN reach agreement on many points including troop deployment

Karen orgs voice opposition to development projects that plunder ceasefire areas

Mon political parties inch toward potential merger

US wants talks on Rakhine crisis but sanctions possible

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi eyes 2018 for establishing basic principles of the future federal Union

October 2017

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