Peace Related Activities - (September 2017)

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Financial assistance dries up at the Ei Tu Hta IDP camp

PC and DPN will meet in the first week of October for the seventh time

Women’s League of Burma denounces violence in Kachin, Shan and Rakhin states

Tatmadaw officials admit to killing Kachin villagers

Suu Kyi appeals to global community, vows to repatriate some refugees

To Hopeland and Back: The 32nd trip

ARMED CONFLICT RESUMES IN NORTHERN SHAN STATE: After a month lull, conflict continues between the TNLA and Tatmadaw

Refugee activists discuss pressure to return from Thai-Myanmar border at Chiang Mai seminar

Three hundred residents flee, three detained after alleged Tatmadaw shooting incident

Bago JMC slammed for lacking transparency after dropping Q&A from public meet

Tanai IDPs won't return home until Tatmadaw withdraws troops

Karen diaspora group urges KNU to review its position on the peace process

UNFC and Peace Commission negotiations postponed

Skirmish between Tatmadaw and TNLA erupts in Palaung area

Kayin State CSOs skeptical about local ceasefire monitoring body

RCSS meets with govt to resolve ceasefire ‘misunderstandings’

IDP camp requests international donors to continue providing funds

Modi and Suu Kyi promise to fight terror together

NCA-signatory eight EAOs hold meeting for adopting a common strategy

TERMINATION OF HUMANITARIAN AID: Shan refugees in the limbo

Shan State remains a human trafficking hotspot, police say

Kayin State opens first local-level JMC office in Hpapun

Two reporters charged under section 66(d) granted bail

KUPC hosts meeting on unified Kayin coalition

‘Talks did not become reality’: UPJDC secretary bemoans lack of progress in peace process

Ruili residents demand justice for Shan resident allegedly beaten to death by Chinese police

6,000 Shan refugees left in limbo as international funding ends

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