Peace Related Activities (October -2016)

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Residents in Injanyang call for permanent cancellation of Myitsone project

Farmers, activists call for NLD govt to end land grabs in Shan State

KIO Chairman Pessimistic on Chances for Peace

Sixty-Five Returning Refugees Arrive in Myawaddy

Women Demand 30 per Cent Participation in Burma Peace Process

Villager shot dead at Burma army checkpoint in Mong Hsu

KIO Says Burma Army Reinforcements Will Escalate Fighting

Charged MCL foreign employees pardoned from deportation

Civilians flee as tension rises between Burma Army and UWSA

Splinter DKBA Could Reunify with KNU

Displaced beginning to return to Maungdaw

Burmese military orders UWSA to withdraw from Mongla

Leaders of political talks to face problems in non-NCA regions, says DPN leader

Karen and Mon Armed Groups Leaders Agree on Measures to Try to Prevent Future Conflicts

DPNS Urges Army Commander-in-Chief to Stop Conflict

Refugees from Mae Tha Wor Facing Difficulties

Over 90 Refugees to Return from Thailand to Burma

Chipwe Residents Protest Lisu Demands for Self-Administered Zone

Civil society groups demand end to fighting in Myanmar’s Shan and Kachin states

KNU and NMSP Reach Agreement to Prevent Future Conflict

Villagers Fear DKBA and Government’s Militia Fighting Near Kawkareik Will Result in Displacement

Thousands of Red Shans demand self-rule

KNU Chairman Says Nationwide Ceasefire has Weaknesses

Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues statement on Rakhine State

KIO Says Army Offensives Undermine Peace Process

Local Governance Needs More Share of the Power for Ethnic Education To have Equality

UNFC Plan for Peace Meeting with Burmese Government

The beating of war drums in Wa State

UN deeply concerned over fighting in ethnic states

Maungdaw Civil Servants Concerned for Their Safety

Burmese military has broken ceasefire accord, says RCSS/SSA

Peace Needed to Improve Public Health

UNFC: Without Meaningful Political Dialogue Conflict Will Continue

MNP chairman submits resignation letter

More Kachin State Air Strikes

Northern Kachin Residents Face Food Transport Restrictions

Security tightened up in TPP

Chin Youths Demand Burma Army Halts Ethnic Offensives

Burma Army Uses Jets Against Kachin and Wounded KIA Soldiers Claim Government Forces Using Chemicals in Attacks

Burma army takes villagers captive during clashes with RCSS/SSA

Tensions Rise Between the UWSA and the NDAA-ESS

KNO calls on UN to investigate ‘crimes against humanity’

UWSA reinforces presence in Mongla territory

KNU Prepared to Reunite with Splinter DKBA

US will not pressure EAOs to sign NCA: report

Fighting ‘directly linked’ to Hat Gyi Dam Project – Claim Karen Leadership

2,000 Flee Fighting Between RCSS/SSA and Burma Army in Mong Kung

Protests Held Against Burma Army Kachin State Offensives

No Arakan Representatives on South Africa Peace Trip

Asia World and Shwe Padonmar Companies Sue Returning IDPs for Trespass

Burma army attacks RCSS/SSA in Mong Kung

NMSP received 28 complaint letters from Mon State Gov’t

Book Aims to Increase Women’s Role in the Peace Process

Kyaukme children fear going back to school in war zone

Pai Khun residents demand return of land seized by Burma army

Armed Conflict Promoting Drug Use in Ethnic Areas

KNU Vice Chair Tours Refugee Camps to Brief Refugees on its Peace Process

KWO Hold Meeting to Discuss Refugee Resettlement

KWO Calls for End to Fighting in Ceasefire Areas

U.S. Ambassador to Submit Report on Kachin IDPs

Government and UNFC Representatives Meet

Head of KNU Mining Department Urges Close Supervision of Mining

IDPs Face Difficulties Returning Home Due to Landmine

KWEG Holds International Peace Day Ceremony in Hpa-an

Burma Army Launches Air Strikes Against KIA Camps

KNU Vice-Chair Explains Peace Process to Refugees

Kachin Drug Gang Beats Policemen

Burma Army Raids Sar Maw IDP Camp

4000 displaced people receive urgent assistance in Kayin State

France allocates € 1.4 M aid to Rakhine, Chin, and Kachin States

Muslim groups call for halt to demolition of mosques in Rakhine State

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